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  1. Any idea if some FLIRC-SE's could be sold in a limited run? Thanks!
  2. Understandable. If you happen to have any old stock hiding in some old box or workshop crevice, I'll buy the rest from you. I have a couple family builds that I maintain. And if I see someone online who needs it, I will charge for cost to them or less. I just really feel bad this space has fallen into obscurity as a relic of history. What remains are USB dongles that offer no way to power on a device from S5 or a complete shutdown state. Perfect Home Theater also offered a similar offering through late last year, but they too have removed their offering. I am hoping this space sees a renaissance since IR receivers that can power on their host systems are still important in HTPCs.
  3. OK though realize it has been nearly two years (see @blachnerand @Ænz’s comments) which is extremely atypical for a site migration. ;)
  4. @jasonAny update? People are still wondering if these are even still a thing:
  5. Any update on these units? I know of SFF HTPC builders who have been just settling on the far more limited Perfect Home Theater IR receiver because nothing has become available a year after this thread was first created.
  6. Chrome can be notorious for reporting false positives. As long as you have an anti-virus enabled on your system, ignore that message.
  7. MVP to you, Jason. It is a tricky time for all of us but I am so glad to hear you pull it off. Greatly appreciated!
  8. Ditto. I have it on a reliable leaker that the Ryzen 4000 APUs are coming very, very soon and so many people are hurrying to prepare to build fresh new HTPCs for this summer. The fuss right now is there is no IR module to speak of for any of the Streacom cases. Having had headphone amplifier PCBs manufactured in China, I know via the circles and channels I am in touch with that the fabrication centers are already back online there. If you could do another run of the FLIRC-SE, a great many people would be indebted to you!
  9. Just as an addendum to my question, if you could point me to a list of whatever hardware devices or mappings (not software profiles for programming) are supported already out of the box, I would appreciate it. I only seem to see Logitech listed.
  10. See thread title. I am building an HTPC with a Streacom case and I was just wondering if the FLIRC-SE I have for it will work out of the box with standard RC-6 signals, including for powering on and off. My Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote is currently programmed to work with the Intel NUC’s built-in IR receiver, and it would be very convenient if the FLIRC-SE worked “automagically” with the standard RC-6 protocol by default. Thank you for your help!
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