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  1. Jason, Do you have any other ideas? Everything was working fine, but now the remote is unusable. Any time I press a button it's like the remote sends two signals. I would love to fix this because I'm not hot on the Amazon Fire TV iPhone app.
  2. Unfortunately the problem is back. Sometimes if I hold the button, instead of just pressing it briefly, it will work. The performance depends on the menu I am looking at. For example, moving around on the main Amazon FireTV screen everything works. Moving one direction at a time. However, when I am in the Hulu app, all of the sudden the same buttons click everything twice. When I try to change my profile, I can't because it automatically reselects my profile, if that make sense. Ideas? EDIT: I saw the article. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to answer my specific issue. It seems to have something to do with how long the remote button is held, but I have no idea how or why that would be.
  3. NEVERMIND. PROBLEM SOLVED. I swear I tried each key from each profile to get everything to work but was unable to do so. I just now finished hunting through each profile and eventually found a button or two from each profile that worked until they all worked. No more skipping. I love the Flirc guys. Thanks for a great product and awesome support.
  4. Any update Jason? I know you're busy. Thanks.
  5. The model from the confirmation email is FL-25626. I ordered it on 1/27/17. Also, I was at least able to find some buttons on some layouts that worked for the INT-422-3 before, but after I plugged the Flirc in and downloaded software and firmware updates, no layout now available in the software will fix my problem it seems. EDIT: another thing if I hold the remote within 2 feet of the fire TV, it works. Is the IR part failing and the new tv is just coincidental timing?
  6. My understanding is that there is a new, "official" FireTV profile, but it only partially works for me. On the main fireTV screen, the left, right, up, down arrows skip 2. If I click up once, it goes up twice. Once I get into some more in-depth menus, like in Hulu, it seems to work fine. This is very confounding, especially since the Flirc has worked perfectly for over a year until I got a new Vizio TV. Or at least the timing seems supspect. Any ideas? I've tried mapping left, right, up, down from every possible setting and none of them are working. If, however, I get within a few inches of the Flirc, the remote works properly, moving one item at a time. I am SO stumped.
  7. Last night -- right after I got my Int-422 working for my wife -- I had to reboot our Amazon Fire. I was extremely dismayed when I discovered that Flirc had lost all of the mapping I had done! Then I thought, well that sucks, but I'll just reload the configuration profile I just saved, no problem. So I tried that, and the Flirc software stated that it was loaded successfully, but when I plugged the Flirc back into the Fire, none of the buttons would work the way they did before I rebooted the Amazon Fire. It seems to me that, if Flirc can retain my profile while moving it from my Amazon Fire to my laptop programming the keys, that it wouldn't forget all of the previous mapping I did when I rebooted the Amazon Fire? If anyone could shed some light on this, that'd be great. Reprogramming the remote every time is not feasible, especially because it takes so long to program the Fire because it requires using a number of different profiles. I am aware of the default Amazon profile, but it doesn't work for me; I've tried a number of times. EDIT: I have the newest Flirc and the newest Flirc software.
  8. Stupid question: Are you trying to make Flirc work using universal remote codes or are you having trouble mapping keys through the Flirc software? I am talking about the Flirc software, and the device profiles they provide.
  9. Setting up Flirc was not the best experience. I really looked forward to the simplicity of using a pre-set Amazon Fire TV profile, but it failed to work. I was, however, finally able to get my remote working exactly how I want. (I have the Inteset 422.). I alluded to the possible resolution earlier. Through trial-and-error using many different profiles, I was able to get each button working for my Fire. For example, the directional buttons were mapped from the Media Center profile, but I still used the Play/Pause button for the Fire. The Back button is from another profile, and the Info button is from yet another profile. Basically each key is from a different profile. It's still not perfect because, although now I don't get sticky scrolling, now I can't hold a directional arrow and have it keep moving; it's one click at a time. Not the end of the world, but seems like it should work better, especially since Flirc setup a profile that is automatically supposed to work. It seems like Flirc is in a pretty major flux. The new update has disabled Advanced Settings, and they are using a new algorithm that, let's face, needs to be seriously tweaked. As far as the Simple Control, I've never heard of that. It looks pretty cool though. Unfortunately, I can't offer any help for you, but let us know if you get it working.
  10. Using another profile, I've fixed the directional-arrow problem, but now many of the other Fire buttons don't work. Can I program buttons on my Inteset/Flirc from different profiles? For example, map the directional keys from a profile that works then do the rest of the buttons under the Fire TV profile (which always worked)? I tried to do this but it didn't take. I'm a new Flirc buyer and user, and I got it specifically to work with Fire TV for my wife. Any idea when the included Fire TV profile will work correctly?
  11. My problem is that, when i map my Inteset 422 with Flirc, the directional arrows scroll forever. My understanding is that I need to change the inter-key delay, but that option is in the advanced settings. How can I fix this if not through the advanced-settings dialog?
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