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  1. Sorry going to hijack your thread a little as its the same remote / setup but different issue. I've setup the remove in the Harmony software using the Flirc > Kodi device setting. The problem is i've got a panasonic TV and the buttons for Menu, Info etc activates the tv's menu as well as Kodi's. Whats the best solution to this? from what i've read it doesn't work well when you set things up for a media PC Update Managed to stop the menu and info buttons in the custom settings in Harmony. My last issue is when switching activities between the fire tv and sky. If I do this its as if its sending two select commands to the fire tv before it switches. Any ideas? Update finally after 1 1/2 days worked it out :) It was the source setting on my tv. On all the activities i'd set the tv source to hdmi 3 which is right but it seems that involved to inputs one being the select. I only every use hdmi 3 as i've got an AV so I removed all the source settings and bingo it works.
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