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  1. I did update my firmware. The only way I was able to have the home key work was to add TWO devices to my harmony remote: Flirc kodi AND Flirc fire tv. I ONLY use the Flirc fire tv device for the home button on the lcd screen of my harmony one.
  2. I can not get the home key to work. when I am in kodi and press the home key it DOES NOT take me to the fire tv home. How do I accomplish this?
  3. I found out why my setup was not working. Hopefully this will help others. It was that the USB debugging was turned on....it needs to be off for the USB port to work on the fire tv. http://www.aftvnews.com/this-is-why-your-amazon-fire-tv-usb-port-is-not-working/
  4. How do I program my harmony one remote to work with my fire tv and kodi app on the fire tv? I have a Sony tv which responds to the harmony remote but the flirc plugged into the fire tv does not respond. Can you please walk me through the steps of programming my harmony one to work with my fire tv and the kodi app? Thank you.
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