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  1. Thank you K22, for your reply. I will try your solution later this day and will report back whether it worked for me also. [edited] Your solution worked for me too. In the end I didn't need to uninstall the latest version, I ran the 1.4.4. executable while v2.0.2. was still installed. The earlier version upgraded the firmware succesfully and after that I could just run v.2.0.2. to start programming. Again thank you for the solution!
  2. This Flirc has been in use for some time withouth problems. Today I wanted to change some settings so I installed the latest Flirc software. After running the software, it automatically tried to update the firmware on the Flirc. Seconds later it showed a message like "upgrade failed". Since then, the Flirc device is no longer recognized. The Flirc logfile is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23647032/ Note, I enabled logging only after the problem occured. I tried connecting the Flirc to several PC's (Windows 10 and 7) but on all I got the same "Please connect Flirc" message. The flirc bootloader is present in Device Manager when the Flirc is plugged in (under "libusbK USB Devices) Is there anything that can be done to get the Flirc working again? [added] I completely removed the software and uninstalled the drivers, then reïnstalled the software and rebooted. After plugging in the Flirc, again the software tried to update the Flirc. On the bottom left there was a message like Bootldr v-1.-1.-1 (or something). The Flirc software now again says "Could not upgrade firmware. Contact support."
  3. Yes, the Flircs are fantastic. Much better than the MCE-IR receiver I used previously (and that one was more expensive). Only problem remaining is with waking up the computer via Flirc. The flirc seems to wake the computer randomly, even with the remote not being used, and in a dark room. It's not a showstopper for my and probably new firmware will fix it. I do have a suggestion for the software: It would be nice if one could easily review which buttons bound to which key(combination)s. Perhaps a list of all assignements, or maybe the onscreen keyboard could highlight already recorded keys. To further make the software more userfriendly, a review mode could be added in which the assigned keys on the onscreen keyboard would light up when the associated button on the remote is pressed. For most technically experienced users, a simple list would suffice but these options might make the flirc more interesting for the average user as well.
  4. Thank you Chris for your reply. WIth me, the confusion was that there is no save button, I don't mean save configuration, but "save to flirc" or "save to device". The recorded keys are only written to the device when you quit the program, so I think it would me more intuitive to rename that option "quit and save" instead of just "quit".
  5. This morning I completely reprogrammed the flirc and discovered something weird: During programming, I can verify that recorded buttons work in notepad. If I remove the flirc and reconnect it while the flirc program is running, the recorded buttons no longer work. If I quit the flirc software before removing the flirc, the recorded buttons still work after reconnecting it. So it seems that quiting the software is a necessary step to make sure the programmed keys are stored in the flash memory of the flirc. Even saving the configuration to file doesn't save it to the flirc. The weird thing is, before this I was quite sure that during programming flirc wrote every button to flash right after recording it.
  6. The same problem just developed on one of my flircs too. I have one remote (Logitech Harmony) and have two flircs programmed for it with the same keys. What I did was the following: I changed three buttons on the Harmony remote and then (re)programmed these buttons one of the two flircs. I saved the configuration when I was done. I then connected the flirc to another computer (where I run XBMC) and found that non of the keys were working, not even the keys that I hadn't changed. I connected the other flirc (which wasn't reprogrammed) and it recognised all buttons. I then connected the first flirc (the one that was reprogrammed) to the computer where I programmed it and found it also didn't work there. I got an error from windows that it couldn't load drivers for it, but after that Clearing the configuration and loading the new configuration didn't help. I also reloaded the firmware (v1.0) which didn't help. Then I loaded the previous configuration and that also didn't work. In the past I have succesfully loaded this configuration but this time it didn't work. The flirc still accepts new programming but it has lost it's last programming and doesn't accept any stored configuration of that last programming nor any previous configuration I had. What could be going on? Could it be that part of the flash memory is damaged and that reloading a previous configuration writes to recorded memory addresses (which might be damaged) while reprogramming writes to other, new addresses (that are still undamaged)? I am not saying that the flashmemory is damaged, just looking for an explanation why it has forgotten it's current programming, doesn't load any configuration but does accept new programming. Some info: Computer I use to program Flircs: Windows 7 x64 SP1 Flircs: the one with the problem: firmware 1.0, the other one firmware "fw_wake_v6.bin"
  7. I am also waiting for the new drivers since the one Jason posted are not yet working. I get the same errors as others (A problem was encountered while attempting to add a driver to the store).
  8. Just received my order for 4 flircs and started immediately. It took about 15 minutes to install the drivers and programm all the keys. Except for wake up everything worked great the first time. Since the delivery took nearly three weeks I had plenty of time to prepare. I had already made a keyboard.xls for XBMC, configured the Harmony software and most importantly, I made a list of which button would be assigned to what key and what it does in XBMC. Also, after reading about ghost button presses, I decided to use a box that was open at both ends. The flirc goes into one, the remote in the other to make sure no unwanted signals would disturb the programming. Remote being used Harmony One (configured as PanasonicTC-P65VT30) Pros + Easy to set up + Very good reception + More responsive than my MCE IR receiver + Can also emulate key combinations + Emulates keyboard which means nearly every OS should be able to use it. Cons - Wake up button not working (but haven't tested with beta firmware yet) -> update: got wake up from sleep working using default firmware with any button. - Software still needs some work (mislabeled backspace key, no build in power buttons in GUI, could use an overview of all assigned keys) - It's not as snappy as my wireless keyboard. There is a slight delay that's not a nuisance but noticable. I am however not sure that the flirc is at fault here since the MCE receiver I was using earlier had the same delay. Might be caused by the harmony remote or even an unavoidable consequence of using infrared technology. Will test with another remote to find out whether it's the harmony. Overall As I expected it's a great device and i am already very happy with it. I was surprised that it took so little time to get it working, after decades of experience with computers I usually expect things NOT to work first time. I do recommend to browse these forums a bit beforehand to avoid some issues though. Configuring my harmony as a TV instead of MCE device probably saved a lot of time and frustration.
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