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  1. not quite sure what u mean by get stuck? With noise cancel on? Or the repeating keys? Edit. I tried setting inter key delay 0 with noise cancelling, that didnt work very good. Also tried inter key delay 0 without noise cancel, which was even worse than inter key delay 5. So I tried setting inter key delay 7 with noise cancell off, and so far its been great. I hope it behaves now ;) By the way, whats new in firmware 3.7? Cant seem to find any patchnotes/changes anywhere?
  2. I am also experiencing this issue. I've had my flirc 2 weeks and it mostly working great, with the one exception of sometimes repeating keys endlessly. What happens is what many others here reported - pressing one key once on the remote and flirc outputting command endlessly, it keeps sending presses inifinitely until another key is pressed on the remote. The remote is not a Logitech harmony though, as many others have, its a remote originally shipped with a Dune HD Smart B1 mediastreamer. Firmware is 3.6 with inter key delay 5. I have checked that the remote does not send repeating keys. I have also tried the noise cancelling option, and it does seem to help, but then instead the remote reacts extremely sluggish and has a delay between accepting presses, like press one key then wait 1-2sec and then press again. I am using flirc on an Asus chromebox with Kodi 15.2/openELECT 6.0 fritsch EGL build.
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