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  1. Android TV was launched last year and there will be more device coming using this platform. Flirc will gain alot of popularity on Android TV by adding many additional commands that factory devices do not provide. Unfortunately, Flirc is missing an important command that all Android TV devices use: Media Home key. Android TV uses this key to exit and go back to home screen from any apps. There is workaround (esc+tab) but it is not true Home key. any plans to add this command?
  2. just found another way to mimic Home button: Alt + Tab. This would take you back to Nexus home screen from any apps, including Netflix. This is better my previous work around above. Now I can use one button on my universal remote to go back to Nexus home from any apps. I noticed one different about this key combo. when it takes you back to the home screen, you would see a text line "your recent screen is here" or something like that. the home button from Nexus remote does not have this.
  3. yawor/Jason, do you have a command line to map to Media home key? I just bought Flirc and Nexus player and integrate them with my universal remote URC-880. I got every keys mapped and working on my URC-880 except Nexus Home button, which can exit any apps and go back to Nexus home screen. Logitech keyboard Media home key can also work the same as Nexus home button. I have a workaround for this home button: 1) Alt + Esc take me to Nexus home screen for all app (youtube, Kodi), except Netflix 2) To exit Netflix, I use F12 key but it has a confirmation pop-up (No/Yes). to create an one-click button to exit Netflix, I combine F12 and right navigation key (to select 'yes' using URC-880). The workaround above is working but not as seemless as using ONE home Nexus button (or keyboard media home key). thanks to yawor from another thread. I used command line to map window key. combing window key and right navigation key into one search button on my URC-880, I can launch search globally from anywhere (no matter what app you are in).
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