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  1. I tried with Kodi (formally XBMC) and within a movie but didn't try anywhere else. Do you have a list of apps it didn't work with?
  2. Just to followup and confirm. I just tried the media play/pause/FF/RW buttons on my flirc using this chart and the record_api command to set the keys. Rewind puts the Nexus player to sleep Fast forward did nothing Play toggled play and pause Pause did nothing Stop did nothing I tried all the keys while playing back media just to verify. I'm going to update my post in the other thread just so no one gets confused.
  3. Did you actually get media stop fast forward/rewind to work? I was playing with this on my Nexus player but wasn't playing media at the time so I didn't check if it worked. Esc didn't work for me on the Nexus player to go home (it just goes back). Here's the mappings I found. I'll try with media FF/RW/STOP later during media playback to make sure they work. My thread also has some keys I found for launching TV, turning the device on/off (sleep), and launching the telephone app (not installed). @Elrondolio Check my thread. There are a couple other links you can follow on how to use flirc_util and what numbers you can use.
  4. Not that it really matters though. Search wouldn't work without a mic and I don't need 2 different ways to get to home.
  5. Alt+esc got the home button!! Although I'm on a mac right now and the command+esc and command+space didn't do home/search. I can try again later from a windows machine but I assume they send the same keys.
  6. Alright, I went through every button 1-256. It wasn't too bad because I was able to write a quick loop to do 10 at a time and then just ran flirc_util format after each run. I didn't find the the home or search buttons so I'm not sure if there are other keys to try or what that means. Maybe just saying that I'm using a Goldtouch keybard and the fn+f10 does home and fn+f11 does search. Although I didn't find the keys I was looking for, I did find some other interesting keys people may want to check out. All of these are the number before 102. 48 = sleep+wake 52/50 = sleep only (no wake) 53 = wake only (no sleep) 65/54/132 = select 66, 67, 68, 69 = up, down, left, right 111/112 = brightness controls (did nothing on my monitor except show the slider) 137 = Launch TV app (which isn't in the menu) but the app crashes immediately and asks to submit a bug 140 = prompted and said "you don't have an app that can do this" All the other keys I tried 1-256 didn't do anything on the device
  7. 11 102 sends the "back" button but doesn't exit the app or return to the home screen. I tried paring the nexus player's remote with my computer so I could read what input it sends but it won't show up on my computer when in pairing mode. :-/ Maybe I'm missing a step. After doing record_api is there anything I need to do to unset that IR code from the keyboard button sent? I have used the same IR code all 3 times and just thought maybe the old keys are still set in the flirc and new keys aren't being used.
  8. So 154 didn't work. I mapped it and tried pushing the remote key and nothing happened. So instead on my linux machine I ran xev to try and see what code my "home" key was pushing and it showed code 180 (B4 on the list). I tried mapping tat key and it just does a normal exit/backspace. Do you know another way to read the raw input from the keyboard media key? It might be tricky because I have to push function + f12 to get the key. I tried searching for a way to read the raw input but couldn't find anything that worked with the function/media keys so anything else you know of would be a big help. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. I won't have a chance to check until tonight but I'll let you know when I do. Is there a list somewhere of what the key numbers are (154 102)?
  10. *UPDATE* Final key mappings I found below I'm got my Flirc working with Android TV. A USB keyboard works just fine with a microUSB adapter. Here's the key mapping I found up = up down = down left = left right = right play/pause = enter back = backspace/esc search = Super (Windows) - could not map home = alt+esc (doesn't close apps*) I got everything working except for search and home. Search isn't really needed because it only accepts voice search by default so it looks for a bluetooth mic to activate which I don't have. No home button is killing me though. I can't exit some apps (XBMC) and can't easily jump between apps. Is there a way to manually map a remote button to the media home button? Just for reference, here's the Nexus Player's remote and here's a quick picture of the adapter + flirc If someone could help me map the home button this will be perfect. *I found something interesting in that the keyboard shortcuts for home (alt+esc) will not exit apps. When you are within an app it only sends a back keypress. So if the app doesn't have a way to exit within the menu you may be stuck. I tested this with the flirc as well as with a keyboard. The home button on the remote is somehow detected differently when in an app.
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