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  1. I would say no, it would still work as I guess, the biggest heat will be in the middle and the case will dissipate heat. I think it will cover at least 75-80% of the chip? I don't think it would cause any problem with the PI 2. edit: well, if the chip is locate at the same place, but longer (no in the middle) I'm not sure now xD PI2 B+ I hope they are the same height at least!
  2. Yeah sorry, I posted just as an example. :) My bad haha! but for sure, I will just take it out of the case and see while playing a video from LAN, the temperature (my SoC is set to overclock BTW, I'll disable this) Like you said, air is not a good heat exchange the metal case will get a little bit hotter from the air, but not enough, there will be hot air in the case, as there is no flow (or really small amount maybe near connector) Last time, I remember when I touched the LAN chip it was hot. I'll test this this week when I'll be back home,
  3. Hi, I have the Firc Raspberry Pi case and I love it. I have a small suggestion if one day you make a new version, it would be to add a thermal pad connected to the case for the lan chip, as it produce some heat (and maybe the RG2?). Taken from a website. I can do the test, I have a thermal laser. Right now I put thermal pad + RAM heatsink that I have in spare, does the work, but would be nice to have it directly to the case :) Thanks for reading and thanks alot for the case, It is the best one I've seen so far :)
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