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  1. I was wondering if there was an update on improving support for MCE type remotes with the FLIRC. In particular, I am working with the Rosewill RRC-126, in particular, but I also have a bunch of HP MCE remotes. I would be glad to help test. Ian PS. Sorry wrong remote model number in title. It was supposed to be the Rosewill RRC-126
  2. Will give it another try tonight <finally home for a bit>
  3. I am in the US (Wisconsin) I recorded the button presses on my desktop PC (no plasma). They recorded find and reproduced the correct keypresses when the buttons were pressed. it seemed to be reliable. I took the config file up to my HTPC (with a plasma TV) (not sure if the config file is required). The button presses were unreliably detected. If I shielded the FLIRC so that all it could see was the remote then it seemed that the button presses were reliably detected. Is there a way to filter the IR noise? I have a generally working solution with the Rosewill IR detector (but it won't wake the computer) so it is easy to try things. IF you or Jason, thinks there is something I should try. I am all ears. Ian
  4. If there is soethig else I need to try, I am all ears. I really want tis to be successful. Sporatic is once in every several (or more than several) button presses. Since this is an MCE remote, I am recording every button twice to capture both keypress combintions, My HTPC is a Win7 based computer.
  5. Well it appears that the L+FLIRC isvery sensitive to stray IR.Using the V2.6 firmware, I was able to record most of thebuttons I needed while at my desk PC (LCD monitor). When I try to useethe confuguration on my HTPC with the plasma TV, the button presses are only captured sporatically. I am not sure how to get past this but if I can't, it may bee a show stopper.
  6. no just a conventional Panasonic Plasma TV. WIll tryr recording on another computer and transferring the config file
  7. Another Question. How sensitive to stray IR is the FLIRC? as in IR from a plasma TV
  8. so using the older firmware (2.6) I was able to get things to work mostly.. Using EventGhost to monitor Some oddities reverse produces 3 keystrokes Keyboard-Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+B while forwards produces Keyboard.Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+F Pause Keyboard-Shift Keyboard.Shift+B Guide Button Keyboard-Ctrl Keyboard.Ctrl-E
  9. I am assuming the Rosewill remote is the RRC-126? That is the remote I use with my HTPC. Using the Rosewill IR dongle all of the keys show up correctly in EVentGhost but they do alternate between 2 different codes (as expectded). With the FLIRC, I was able to program most if not all of the codes I needed with the older firmware. In a couple of cases, the FLIRC returned 3 key presses. Is there anything we can do to help out?
  10. I can't speak highly enough about EventGhost. I don't make extensive use of the keyobard mouse emulation but it is a standard item on all HTPCs I configure.
  11. Ok. That was the way I thought it worked and that is how I was using the different controllers. The reason for asking was to make sure I wan't contributing to my problems recording buttons by using the various controllers incorrectly. Thanks.
  12. There is definitely something wrong with the 3.5 firmware atleast with MCE type remotes. Even on 2.6 firmware, I had to record/erase/rerecord several times to get some of the buttons to work correctly.
  13. I was just wondering if the choice of controller affects how button presses are recorded. For the media center remote, are all of the buttons going to be supported?
  14. Got past the problem with trying to uplaod the 2.6 firmware. I just had to exit and restart the FLIRC gui a couple of time. The first time it detects the bootloader and upload the 3.5 firmware. IIf I immediately try to upload the 2.6 firmware, it crashes. To get it to work, after it uloaded the 3.5 firmware, you have to exit FLIRCGUI. On the next restart, it correctly detects the 3.5 firmward (not he bootloader) then you can successfuly upload the 2.6 firmware.
  15. Jason sent me an older firmware (2.6?) to try out. Although that seemed to work, when I rebooted my computer and restarted FLIRC, it spontaneously upgraded the firmware back to 3.5. Now for some reason, I can't upload the older firmware. The FLIRC GUI just crashes shortly after the upload is started. On the plus side, I with the old firmware I was able to program my RRC126 remote. Programming it was not for the faint of heart. I had to recored/erase record many times to finally get it correct. Also I was never able to program the reverse and forward keys. It is easy for me to switch between my IR dongle and the FLIRC so it is easy to test.
  16. Hopefully Jason will be able to give me a procedure for going back to the firmware that came with the device when I purchased it. It wasn't perfect but it worked for my configuration.
  17. For some reason, when I try to access the link, I get a "You do not have permission to view that message" error
  18. Thanks Chris I realize that handling the large number of remotes is challenging. I got the FLIRC hoping that it would allow me to way the computer from sleep. My IR MCE remote would only works some of the time. It seems that the the FLIRC does successfully wake the computer from sleep. so atleast I had some success. I am guessing that going back to the previous firmware must not be possible? In the meantime, I just went back to my IR remote Take Care
  19. I tried an RCA 8-device universal remote; Although it seemed to record the button presses successfully FLIRC did not recognize the keypresses after they were recorded. I also tried the remote for my Panasonic TV remote. It programmed successfully (atleat arrow and ok buttons) Please remember that before the firmware upgrade the FLIRC seemed to work correctly. I only applied the firmware to try to work around a couple of minor issues recording the extra buttons I was trying to use (Guide LiveTV)
  20. Ok I just programmed the up/down and left/right buttons 66/67 68/69. All 4 programmed seeming fine but when I test them. they are not reliably played back. Up returns 67 down returns 67. Left and Right only work some of the time. I am just using an MCE remote Rosewill RRC-126. Perhaps there is a issue with this remote Ian
  21. I think I have seen the problem I am running into I programmed the up button and the channel up button as x42 and xE9 and both show up the same in EventGhost dec 233 (xE9)
  22. I was not using the .exe. Let me try that. That is kind of odd behavior though. I upgraded the firmware to 3.5 yesteday to se eif it would fix some minor issue. Per an other post, that has been painful as I have not been able to successfully record a complete set of codes sinc ete upgrade. Ian Edit Adding .exe to the commandline call works. Where are recored codes saved? to the FLIRC itself? or to a config file somewhere
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. I tried clearing the configuration. Starting from completely empty. I tried to program the left, up right, and down buttons. I have to program each twice as it seem my Rosewill RRC-126 remote outputs 2 code alternating between the two. By the time I get to the down button, FLIRC complains that the code has already been programed. At this point, I would love to just go back to the previous firmware as that was almost working. I had to switch back to my IR dongle to get my HTPC to be useable., I don't mind working with you to try and get this resolved. I have bene on your end on other projects <grin>
  24. When I execute the flirc_util.exe record_api 176 102 I expected the utility to wait for a key press but it end immediately so nothing is recored.
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