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  1. If you haven't found a solution yet this works for simple control of the cursor. http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/1622-joystick-inputs/
  2. Had a little time to play with this: Turn on Mouse Keys - flirc_util.exe record api 6 83 Works fine, toggles mouse keys on/off just as expected. unfortunately Up, down,left & right don't work. The CLI seemed to take them correctly but the reprogrammed buttons don't move the mouse. Here's the CLI lines I used. the Any Ideas? Keypad 2 and Down Arrow - flirc_util.exe record api 0 90 Keypad 4 and Left Arrow - flirc_util.exe record api 0 92 Keypad 6 and Right Arrow - flirc_util.exe record api 0 94 Keypad 8 and Up Arrow - flirc_util.exe record api 0 96 I haven't tackled the left/right buttons yet, figured I'd take baby steps :)
  3. Ok, so let's stop arguing what Flirc should and shouldn't do and find a solution native to Flirc. So, it's possible in windows to use the "Ease of Access Center" functions to use the numeric keypad to emulate the curser/mouse movements. The problem is the full keyboard template doesn't include the keypad. A numeric keypad would be the optimal solution but baring that is appears the Command Line Interface (flirc_util.exe) may to be able to get the proper codes in. Unfortunately the CLI isn't documented and there's only a few cryptic references in the forums. I've found some key codes, ASCII codes and some USB HID codes that might be of use. The question is which codes to use and what format to use with the CLI to get them in. I found a reference to "flirc_util.exe record_api xxx xxx" though I'm not sure what the convention is and what the proper codes to use are. Maybe you coukld spread some light on that? The first challenge is to send the command "Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock" to turn on the keypad mouse functions. I'd envision having a button to to the function on and off. The question is - what is the CLI syntax to send multiple keys and what codes would be appropriate? Once the keypad mouse is active then we need to get the codes in to control the curser movement. The keypad can do 9 directions, but I think the MCE remote may just have left, right, up & down on the keypad. Even if it's possible to do all 9, programming just the 4 basic would suffice as we only need rudimentary movements. I don't think folks are going to seriously try and play games or anything; we just need to be able to move it to a given location. The question is - what is the CLI codes would be appropriate for LEFT - RIGHT - UP - DOWN Now we need to figure out the mouse button functions, left mouse click & Double-click & right mouse. I don't think any of those are difficult, but again we need to figure out the key codes and the syntax for the CLI. Your thoughts?
  4. I might be way off base, but I would think that joystick/mouse type control movement support would be fairly easy to implement as it works fine with the IR receiver that came with the MCE remote natively. I'm not a programmer in any sense of the word and I found EventGhost miserable hence my reason for trying Flirc after many frustrating hours. Like I said, the Flirc is very easy to set up and intuitive with the templates provided. It's just kinda strange to me that the joystick/mouse type control movements are missing. As far as using Flirc to control EventGhost to control another program... well, that kinda defeats the entire Flirc concept IMO. If I wanted to use EventGhost I'd just use EventGhost and forgo Flirc all together. I'd venture a guess that most folks who buy a Flirc are in the same boat as me. They want a fairly simple solution that doesn't involve other programs and hours of programming and aggravation. Then again, maybe I'm way off base and have unrealistic expectations.
  5. That's disapointing... I bought the Flirc after becoming completly frustrated with EventGhost. I will say Flirc works great for the keyboard stuff and is by far the easest to program by far. But the lack of mouse/joystick movment support is a deal killer. I'm not interested in complicated work arounds, learing a new programing language or more programs to hack a solution. I need something that just works and is family/wife freindly. Are there any plans to include a template to program a joystick in the near future or do I need to return it?
  6. I have a generic MCE remote that has a pad input that act like a joystick which moves the curser around. How can I program the pad to work? Also, I'd like to program 2 keys to act like a left & right mouse buttons. I'm realy liking Flirc, is there any plans to include a template to easily program a joystick?
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