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  1. V 1.2.9 fw 3.1. Update. Problem presents itself during inaction during a movie or long tv show. FLIRC is unresponsive until the dongle is reseated or keyboard engaged. However if wait till end of credits (show completion) when application goes back to menu screen FLIRC is working again.
  2. Still having problems here on 3.1 final. upgraded from 3.0 last night with 1.2.8 firmware. 30 minutes or so and nonwake up. WIN install no provlems. android matricom mx2 has issues. Swap dongles and problem stays and remains clear on other. Ps: and side note, regardless of issues, jason and crew -thanks for the product and subsequent work. Cant do without it even with a glitch or two. :)
  3. Yeah not so much on the above instructions. Sleep was not enabled in the advanced settings if flirc. My WIN INSTALLATION is not affected. But my android based Matricom MX 2 is. I even swap the two dongles and win stays clean and android locks.
  4. First update the firmware. file:advanced:forcefwupgrade. Make sure you have latest version of program downloaded Then simply look at the main screen and press GO. This will program the bAsic button paths. From there it depends on your application. Goto contollers: (pick app). You can manually program your key presses. When done SAVE CONFIGURATION If your front end is an android, simply program on windows box and install usb directly to android device when done. Good luck
  5. Matricom mx2. No options on power or sleep. Worked fine until firm 3.0. Now after 10 to 15 min FLIRC will not respond. Must unplug and reseat.
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