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  1. I have an update: I can say that it's definitely that damned crApple remote. I don't know what it does but it's the only remote that causes such a stir. Just purchased a Minix remote and it works like a charm. Sorry for not trying other remotes earlier – the thing is: I hardly have any and the few I have lack directional buttons so I didn't bother trying them out. So there's that. Maybe it helps someone. The same Apple remote works fine with Apple products btw.
  2. Hi There. Here I am again after 3 years. Reason it took so long is I gave up on using the Pi as a media centre back then but I returned to using it right now for the simple reason that they changed the TV signal to DVBT2 in my country and now I have very bad reception. So I took my Pi and Flirc out of the drawer and configured it to used ZattooBox over LibreElec. So what happened is I first used my TV receiver remote by Phillips to control Kodi via Flirc. No problem whatsoever. But then I got rid of that receiver, so I decided to use my old Apple remote and that's where the trouble came back: endless, chaotic key repeats. Interestingly, the very first day, it worked like a charm. The problem only appeared on the second day and lingered on until now. I tried the trick with the grounding cable as suggested in this thread: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/1202-potential-fix-for-repeating-keys/ ...but that didn't change a thing. I'm using a 1st gen Flirc (transparent enclosure) with latest Firmware version, a Pi version B and a 1st gen (white) Apple remote.
  3. Oops. Just realized there was a dedicated thread so: copying my message to: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/558-one-remote-press-continued-repeating-flirc-commands/&page=4
  4. So the solution is definitely soldering? I'm not so good at that :(
  5. Yes, a keyboard layout database would be perfect :) But wouldn't it be possible to load standard keyboard layout files (system layouts from Mac, PC or Unix) into Flirc? The key signals should remain the same for any single keyboard.
  6. I found keyboard layout to be quite tedious. Would it be possible to highlight the keys that have already been synced with Flirc, in the GUI? I realize it would possibly mean being able to get feedback from the Flirc as to which keys are already synced, but maybe if a device could be set up like a new document, for example: I would choose: new keyboard layout, name the new device settings and the particular layout could remember which keys are synced without needing any feedback from the Flirc. Would that be possible? Also: being able to associate different default keyboard layouts would be just great. Also, clicking away the message that appears when a key is already saved is quite annoying. A Growl-like floating window that disappears by itself after 2-3 seconds would be much more enjoyable.
  7. I have the same problem with repeating keys. Just a very stupid idea after reading your initial post: could it be that the clear casing of the Flirc is causing some internal reflections of the IR beam which lead to the key-repeating problem? Possibly, applying pressure on the Flirc just causes more of the casing to be covered, leading to less mirroring. Normally, IR receptors are covered by a rather small, red plastic cover, possibly to prevent this to happen. Also, consider that IR signals are mirrored by walls and other surfaces and the clear casing is open to signals from any direction. I will try different methods of covering the sensor and report back.
  8. Hello. I'm new on this board :) Okay, so I've just started using FLIRC with RaspBMC and OPENelec and I experienced random key repeats. Firmware version is 3.0 Tryed it on my Mac: same thing. Tried different remotes, keyboard: same. When I open a text editor on my Mac and use an IR keyboard, I can see what's happening by keeping keys pressed for several seconds: some key inputs generate one response, others, from other keys, several in an unsteady rythm. The same behaviour when I use a simple remote with RaspBMC: sometimes a key gets pressed once, other times more than that. At the moment, FLIRC is unusable for me.
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