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  1. Yes for sure, They are working as expected. I believe that the play/pause from the Fire TV on Flirc Gui works and the FF/RW from Media Keys (as jase suggested) works. By far the best method that is fool proof for me has been the Custom Keybaord Layout. Cheers Rob.
  2. I've found with mine while alt+esc seems to work, it doesn't work as expected in some apps (plex for example) Cheers Rob.
  3. hey Guys, Just an Update because I also belive this will also apply to the "Nexus Player" which has just been released (has a micro usb port with USB OTG cable you will be able to plug in a Flirc) I mapped these butons in Flirc GUI I created a Keyboard Layout file "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" and pushed it to "/system/usr/keylayout/" Flirc playing nicely with Android TV Interface! Cheers Rob.
  4. Hmm... still not playing the game. Any more ideas would be appreciated. Cheers Rob.
  5. Ah ha, I just noticed that scancodes can be directly recorded to the FLIRC, So i am going to give this a try, using the generic keybaord layout from my device.
  6. Hey Guys, I actually end up having a few issues with "External Keyboard Helper Pro" so i've switched to "Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner" I originaly just assumed "External Keyboard Helper Pro" would be better because it was a paid product whereas Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner is free. It detects the Flirc sraight away and was actually easier to setup and is working better. Once the ADT-1 gets SU access i'll write a keyboard layout aka "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" since I believe this is still the best solution. Cheers Rob.
  7. Hey Guys, Just a followup. I tried quite a few things to get this up and running. I end up using "External Keyboard Helper Pro" from the play store, I had to remap Enter (scancode 28) & Home (scancode 57) So far so good, it seems to be waking from sleep and working good. Cheers Rob.
  8. Hey Guys, So I plugged in a Keyboard and Up, down, left, right, enter and escape all work as desired on the Android TV Interface. But the strange thing is when I program the flirc to do the same commands only the Arrow keys work, the enter and escape do nothing. I've tried flashing firmware 2.6, using different remote profiles (PanasonicTC-P65VT30 & FLIRC XBMC) Any ideas would be a life saver! Cheers Rob.
  9. Hey Guys, Just got my FLIRC in the post and familiarizing myself with the GUI. So excuse me if there is an easier way or if this has been discussed before. I am trying to configure buttons on my Remote to corrospond with certain Scancodes but not certain of a way to workout the Scancodes on the GUI. e.g. key 28 ENTER key 103 DPAD_UP key 105 DPAD_LEFT key 106 DPAD_RIGHT key 108 DPAD_DOWN key 158 BACK key 172 HOME
  10. Hello Yarow, Thanks for the reply. Accouridng to the Google Developers site it does support some USB keyboards ==> http://developer.android.com/preview/tv/adt-1/index.html Can I connect a USB keyboard or mouse to ADT-1? Yes, you can connect a USB keyboard or mouse to the USB port on the back of ADT-1. Note: The ADT-1 device is not compatible with all manufacturers and models of these devices. If a particular keyboard or mouse does not work, try a different model. Cheers Rob.
  11. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if the Flirc will work with the Andorid TV ADT-1? Cheers Rob.
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