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  1. Remote being used Universal Remote Controls (URC) RF-20 with generic AUX profile 001 Pros + One less remote cluttering up the living room. + Ability to map key combinations (useful for creating a 1-press program startup) + Functions great in XBMC & Kylo Browser + Reception is solid even when plugged into a rear USB port + Ability to sleep/wake PC with remote (a work in progress, but very promising!) + Rapid support from dedicated users in forums + Developer (Jason) takes a personal interest in EVERY user-reported issue Cons - Firmware can be buggy depending on your system configuration and operating system; causes aren't currently well known - Limited stock on hand; sometimes have to wait a couple weeks after ordering to receive a device Overall I'm extremely happy with my Flirc. Even after encountering some problems (most can be solved by reading the forums!) I'd still rather use Flirc than anything else. Flirc is a constantly evolving device, with great opportunity for future development. Jason is constantly engaged with the user-base and is committed to developing new features and capabilities. You won't get this level of personalized support with any other device.
  2. What profile are you using for the RF20? I tried the Panasonic TVs since my TV is a Samsung, but they left several buttons unused. So I went with a DVR profile that had all buttons assigned, but it's still pretty buggy.
  3. Running Win7: I've got a remote button mapped to the 'Sleep' shortcut, and it works great...as long as I leave the shortcut on my desktop. Even if I move the shortcut file to another folder BEFORE assigning a keyboard shortcut, machine will not sleep on remote press. Wake button works great with FW v6. I'm happy it's working, but I love a clean desktop. Any ideas? Edit: I can hide the shortcuts on the desktop by making them 'hidden' and then telling Windows not to show hidden files. A little inconvenient as I like to have ready access to Windows' hidden files/folders.
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