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  1. At least I don't know what the source of interference is, but the Flirc has been working flawlessly when it's deeper in the cabinet. Maybe something from the TV as I can't think of other sources of interference, but who knows what the Flirc sees. I also wonder why the interference is only causing repeating for me. If I don't press any keys on the remote, nothing happens. That makes me wonder if it would be possible to distinguish proper signal from interference somehow.. --Ere
  2. I've got stuck keys one more time, but then I moved the Flirc even further back in the cabinet and it has worked fine for a couple of hours. So maybe, after all, it is IR interference, though I've no idea why it would be since it was working fine with the other computer. Maybe a difference of a couple of centimeters makes a difference... Anyway, I'll continue testing and will report here. --Ere
  3. I disabled built-in profiles and didn't encounter problems today. That's a good sign, though I'll test some more to be sure. --Ere
  4. And here's my configuration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd3aebl0iesha7o/flirc.fcfg --Ere
  5. Unfortunately the problem is back. It's possible that it's more intermittent since it took more time for me reproduce it, but when it started happening, it happened multiple times. The situation seems to clear if I keep a button pressed on the remote for a moment. Since it's intermittent a real-time debugging session may not be that fruitful, but I'm ready to try different firmware versions if you will. --Ere
  6. I've only had a chance to play with the new firmware for a short while, but so far it looks promising. I couldn't reproduce the problem at least yet, but it has been intermittent so I'll need to test some more. So far so good in any case. :) --Ere
  7. I have Sony KDL-40W4500. And I didn't have trouble with the old firmware (although it was also another machine as the HTPC). And I don't experience any spontaneous keypresses, only sort of "stuck on repeat" behavior. --Ere
  8. I'll test the new firmware first, but if I still have trouble, what configuration information would you need? I can also volunteer for realtime troubleshooting if need be. Thanks for your effort! --Ere
  9. I'm afraid I'm now suffering from the endless repeat problem too. I have a Harmony 785 remote and Flirc with bootloader v2.0 and firmware 2.5. The Flirc is connected directly to front USB port of Intel NUC (model D54250WYKH). Everything worked fine with an old laptop and old Flirc firmware, but now I'm getting frequently into endless repeat loop until I unplug the flirc. Sometimes it recovers if I hammer the keys on the remote, but then goes haywire again. Doesn't seem to matter if it's shaded by the cabinet or not. --Ere
  10. Hi, just tested Flirc 1.1.3 on a MacBook Pro (Mavericks), and the flirc_util command line utility fails to work as it tries to find a non-existent /usr/local/lib/libusb-1.0.0.dylib. It works (or at least it launches) if I copy libusb-1.0.0.dylib from Frameworks to /usr/local/lib, but if there's a way to make flirc_util find it in the app, that would eliminate one manual step (plus some confusion). Thanks, Ere
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