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  1. Thanks so much for doing this, it's great, and I'll try and add something in the GUI for PS4, shortcut keys so people don't have to do this. Follow up with me via email so I can get your info to send you a unit. Thank you again.
  2. From what I remember, the way it works, the higher the front number 51-flirc vs 99-flirc, the higher the prescience. Unplug/Plug the device. That usually triggers a udev rule to re-trigger
  3. Something may have failed in the install, or your distribution changed the way udev rules work. I feel like they change it every distribution release. Basically, you need a rule in /udev/rules.d/ You should see the one the installer puts there. It basically tells the system to open the USB device read and write for all users. I don't know why they would restrict it by default, always seemed stupid to me.
  4. I would plug in a normal keyboard, find out what the shortcuts are to control what you want, and then pair those with the GUI. A bit of reverse engineering. Report back your findings, plus what the keymap is (a on keyboard maps to back, etc), I'll send a free to you as my way of thanking you for helping the community with an important find an your trouble.
  5. Have you tried the beta packages? Does the GUI not run in the latest 13.04?
  6. Yes, this is currently a problem I'm trying to figure out. I'm not quite sure a good way to do this yet, but it's definitely an issue.
  7. Does it exhibit the same behavior in a PC? Let's find out if it's ouya.
  8. It's more or less proprietary. But if you download the beta package, or are running linux, flirc_util settings will dump the human readable contents of that. You can use this to identify if you have multiple keys recorded for 'up' which would explain ghost signals causing spurious up keys.
  9. Thanks to Vanilla Seagull for being such an awesome customer, patient, and understanding. I have done zero testing on windows 8.1, so I'm certainly not surprised. Unfortunately, this isn't on my priority list at the moment, I have a number of well over due promised features that need to be addressed. But I will put notice on the website until this is finished. Thanks again.
  10. I'm overdue for a blog update. I spent the last 3-4 weeks re-writing all my software. I actually do plan on saying goodbye to this processor, but it's still too early. I re-wrote my bootloader. I have a manufacturing build going on right now, which was held up until I finished fixing this bug. This wasn't a hardware limitation, some bad libraries I had found that weren't quite optimized for microcontrollers. Not to mention, everything I mentioned above didn't help. Data get's corrupt on the way down, and I do a number of things to check in the new one. So to answer your question, I've fixed it for all the new ones being made. I'll make upgrades for the new ones more automatic, however, the old one's will require people to hunt down the one in the forums. This is to prevent people from upgrading (when they don't need too), and possibly bricking their device. As far as media keys, ctrl-f, etc. I'm going to get to it pretty soon. I'd say this is next on the list. Ctrl+F, I think works now. Give the latest 1.0.0-rc.4 package a try. Create a new post in that sub forum if that worked or didn't work.
  11. Do you have the same problems as vanillaseagull? Or only during that one setting change? Are you also on the latest beta firmware?
  12. The GUI should not be open when you are playing with flirc_util. If your unit was working prior and just stopped working, let's just get you a replacement. Follow up with me via support@flirc.tv
  13. You can't press two button during the record process and have both those buttons be recorded. The firmware only records one button. Try the beta firmware, and try enabling the noise filter. I think you're problems will be fixed. Also, don't muck with the sensitivity setting in the commandline. That was mostly experimental.
  14. You're right, thank you. Try formatting the device. Keep doing: flirc_util.exe format in the terminal until it formats the device. Let me know if that does anything.
  15. The device must have corrupted it's memory. Although, it shouldn't be connecting/disconnecting. Try using the latest release candidate.
  16. Mac's are pretty solid as far as upgrades, but I had a sigh of relief when you said you used a hub. Which one do you have? I'm going to get one. I'll have a replacement in the mail for you shortly. Thanks for the positive feedback, really means a lot.
  17. I'm going to write a blog post soon, Chris is staying on top of me to make sure this gets done. I have a bug in my bootloader, and sometimes the device gets bricked. As you can imagine, it's not a good problem, and is the reason I've slowed down my updates. There are enough devices out there where this is now a serious risk to the company should an update ruin the majority of devices. Among a number of things I'm working on, I'm trying to fix this, and I'm nearly certain I've got it. It was a massive re-write of all my code, my bootloader, pretty much everything. I'm absolutely exhausted, and this had to be done correctly before the next build starts. (it's already started, and I'm holding it up, and am now nearly out of stock). My blog post will be extensive on the measures I've taken, and what problems arose. The majority being this microprocessor is old. Too many limitations, every line is critical in code to timing, and it's becoming a dumb waist of my time. I need to do a lot more testing, however, how to move forward I don't know. Updates will probably end for devices out there unless I can come up with a clever way of detecting if the firmware upgrade is not going well and stop the upgrade. I've noticed that the majority of failures I've been able to reproduce is when there was a hub in-between the device and computer. Any devices that gets bricked due to these upgrades will be replaced, just email me and wait patiently. The massive code overhaul has caused me to fall far behind, and I'm burning the midnight oil to catch up. I'm not going to leave anyone hanging, just bear in mind I'm still the only one doing this.
  18. Glad that fixed it, I was going to recommend doing the same thing.
  19. Ah yes, that receiver uses LIRC. Let's just say, there is no coincidence that my product is named, F..LIRC.
  20. Yes, I'd say you wont have any problems.
  21. Yes, flirc's ability to pair buttons is independent of what devices you have. Yes, you will have conflict if you use a samsung TV device to pair with your flirc and you have a samsung TV. However, some TV's will ignore irrelevant buttons should they not be on the contextual menu that applies. For example, on my panasonic TV, it will ignore upldown/left/right when not in a menu setting, although my samsung device will say, "error" on my television. Pretty dumb. Does that make sense?
  22. glad you are up and running, thank you o_cee for helping Danny out.
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