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making one key press work for both kodi and youtube

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I'm not sure how this works so I'll just ask and hopefully someone can explain it to me.

I have this android streamer:

I bought an airmouse for it

And I bought an IR remote

Both the air mouse and the sanoxy, somehow map the play/pause, rewind,FF keys to both Kodi and youtube. 

So if I'm in youtube OR kodi, I can play/pause/ff/rewind using the same keys.

I got the Flirc a couple days ago and I'm still learning my way around it. I have a harmony 620 remote and I added the Flirc device as:
Media Center PC, Flirc, Kodi

They flirc key mappings work fine in Kodi, but not in youtube. I would like the flirc to work like those other remotes.

Is there a way to do this?

Also one more question. Does the action of deleting all keys as described in this article https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/203653385-How-to-delete-a-key-from-Flirc reset the flirc to "factory settings" or does it wipe it clean?


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I believe I use the media center 'play/pause' keys, which are global. You need to determine the common keys for pause. Here are the shortcuts according to Netflix:


  • Space - Toggle Play/Pause

  • Enter - Toggle Play/Pause

  • F - Full-screen
  • Esc - Exit full-screen

  • Left arrow - Rewind 10 seconds

  • Right arrow - Fast Forward 10 seconds

  • Up arrow - Volume Up

  • Down arrow - Volume Down

  • M - Mute toggle

So is it enter or kodi that is doing the pause? You just need to record over the current play/pause keys to either space or enter. I'm assuming it's space. You can do that in the keyboard controller of the GUI.

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Thanks Jason,

About my seconds question, in case I mess things up while testing, what is the correct process to restore the flirc to the factory controller settings.


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