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How do I go about starting from scratch?  I want to make it to where I go into the GUI and program only the keyboard keys that I want Flirc to recognize and nothing else.  For example, if I just wanted Flirc to recognize my remote's up, down, left, and right commands, and I map them to the up, down, left, and right of the full keyboard in the GUI, I would want to make sure that no other commands my remote sends are inadvertently mapped to anything else (i.e. menu on my remote isn't mapped to delete on the full keyboard).

Is this possible?  Just simply telling Flirc to ignore everything that I didn't explicitly map?  And starting from Flirc ignoring everything?

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If you go to file->format configuration, that restores it to the default state. 

If it’s still re-acting to button presses, go to file->advanced, and disable all built in profiles.

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