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  1. hi folks, I have the newest model nvidia shield and i control it via a logitech harmony remote. I do almost all of my content consumption in Plex. To that end, I have a couple of questions: 1) Is it possible, with FLIRC, to get it so that I can hit a button on my logitech remote to toggle the subtitles without having to go into the Plex UI and navigate manually? I ask because I used flirc back in the day with my windows based HTPC and it worked great. I'm not sure if this is a plex issue or an android tv issue so I really want to make sure it works for my specific situation. 2)
  2. does anyone know of a guide out there to help with this?
  3. Awesome - i'm having a hard time finding them via search. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi folks, I recently swapped out my windows based HTPC for a Shield TV. I've got it up and running no sweat and have an activity tied to my Harmony Ultimate. No problems there. However, I'm interested in understanding if my flirc is even useful at this point. Does anyone out there have any good examples of how to use flirc with a shield tv? I would love to toggle subtitles, change audio feeds, and play directly from the plex dashboard (as opposed to having to go into a film or tv episode's detail page) but I don't think that's possible. Am I wrong? If i am - and this stuff can be done - i
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