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  1. I love the present configuration of the Flirc Case, but I think it can be improved greatly. One of the things I like less about the raspberry pi configuration is the mess of cables. I recently purchased an Argon One case and I really like it. In fact I considered replacing my Flirc Case with it until I realized that the USB ports now come out the back, thus rendering the remote sensor inoperative. The obvious solution is to have one of them routed by a hat to face front and have the sensor actually be embedded in the case facing the user or similar. As Pis become more powerful I see more
  2. Where can I get new Thermal pads? I love the Flirc Raspberry Pi case but trying to get the "paper" off the pad is irritating because I ended up tearing it. Right now I have some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on it and the case is assembled with a Raspberry Pi3 board, but I have not yet plugged it in. Will this be ok? or where can I get a new pad?
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