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  1. Were some of these mappings fixed in the 3.6 firmware? Page Up/Page down still don't work for me. Do I need to completely delete my device from the harmony software and redownload? I tried just doing a "update."
  2. I haven't checked in a while. Has at least the Page Up/Down and skip been fixed?
  3. What remote do you use? If you are accustomed to a harmony the 900/915 include a RF to IR interface that would work in your situation. The USB to ethernet would probably not work as it would not provide power.
  4. What exactly do you need help with? The Harmony profile provided from Flirc includes a Poweroff command that sends the XBMC the keyboard command Ctrl-F12. Since that keyboard command does absolutely nothing I'm simply telling the XMBC to respond to that keyboard command by suspending through a custom keymap profile. This is how to ssh into openelec: http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/OpenELEC_FAQ#SSH This tells you everything you need to know about keymapping in xbmc: http://kodi.wiki/view/Keymap
  5. What is your line in keymap.xml? Are you using the XBMC harmony flirc profile?
  6. You can in settings tell the rf receiver to assign a port to a specific device.
  7. Ok it worked. In the harmony remote settings (The harmony software) edit the XMBC device (IE the Flirc profile for the XBMC). Change the power settings to "One key turns the device on and off" and set it to Poweroff. Ensure that for the activity you created for the XBMC is powered off when not in use. Then ssh into xbmc and create suspend.xml in .xbmc/userdata/keyboards with the following: <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <f12 mod="ctrl">XBMC.Suspend()</f12> </keyboard> </global> </keymap> Now when turning off the device the XBMC will suspend! Works just great on the chrome box.
  8. So I've been trying to get Poweroff to work. So in theory, until the profile is updated, one could edit the XBMC mapping and map suspend to Ctrl+F12? IE doing something like: <F12 mod="ctrl">XBMC.Suspend()</f12> Haven't tried this approach as I didn't know what keys PowerOff sent. I'll see if I can create other remappings - like Skip Back |<< etc
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