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  1. Has the issue been resolved? and do we REALLY need the newest version of the software for the oldest version of the FLIRC? :)
  2. Yup...really need that V1.44!! I can't watch anything on Kodi without the remote!! :) Program runs with NO Flirc plugged in and crashes as soon as it's plugged into any of my USB ports. EDIT: I just went to my other Zotac and copied the Flirc folder from that one to a USB stick and went to my other Zotac and deleted, no uninstall, just deleted the Flirc V2.01 folder and copied the V1.44 folder from the USB stick to my zotac and the Flirc is working! ICDeadppl if you have a way to get a 1.44 folder from another PC it might work for you too...
  3. Yeah, not only that but the blog page gets an error from IE about a long running script. No links active either. ;)
  4. Yes it is a bug in XBMC. It's still a bug even in 13.2. I have a remote keyboard with a mouse pad....it does the repeat bug as well. Maybe they'll nail it with 14 (Helix). It may only be in the Android versions. If I connect flirc or the keboard to the PC the bug is not there.
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