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  1. Yes, the two serial ports are correct.

    Yes, this is most likely the issue. You need an ELF file. Then you can start up gdb and point to the elf file:

    You start gdb and point to the elf file:

      arm-none-eabi-gdb 'elf file you want to flash'

    Now from GDB, you can connect to an attached device. Attach the JTAG cable to the target. But you need to tell GDB where to go, so let's point it to the serial port:
      target extended-remote /dev/cu.usbmodemJEFF1

    (I'm not sure what the destination is on windows, but replace /dev/cu....)

    Then tell the probe what kind of JTAG you want to use, probably 2 wire serial:
      monitor swdp_scan

    Assuming you see the target, you can attach to it:
      attach 1

    Then you can load the file:


    You can now walk through and step through various aspects of code, assuming the elf file has debug symbols in it. We're going to start diving into advanced firmware topics, and I'm not sure your experience. 

    Here is the documentation, for the same product the firmware is derived from: https://github.com/blackmagic-debug/blackmagic

    They have a lot of documentation, and a wiki to get started.


  2. I think it's because you need to have the windows driver installed. Or re-run as an administrator. Windows is a piece of dog shit for stuff like this. This is why all my products use HID and all my apps can talk to them driverless. Because I'm 100% done with drivers in windows. I've spent enough time on the phone helping people with 'unknown device' in device manager trying to force install my own drivers.


  3. You can let go of the button after you plug it in after waiting a second or two. You should see a different usb product ID show up.


    PID_6018 for the main app

    PID_6017 for the DFU

    I think you need the driver installed for both in windows. If you have linux, you might have an easier time.


  4. As long as they are common ground, you don't need to, I think I had a bug on the first version, which this may be. What version shows on the board? I'll swap it out if it's an old one.

  5. 1 minute ago, Cubytus said:

    What timezone are you in? GMT-7?


    It's gotta be related to the version of the OS. I'm not quite certain the cause yet, all I did was figure out how to sign the app.

    ** edit** I got an older mac I can't upgrade, I just reproduced it. Give me a day or two. I'll figure it out. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Here is the old one: https://flirc.tv/software/flirc-usb/GUI/release/mac/Flirc-3.25.3.dmg


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