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Map a Non-Standard Keyboard Keycode to a Remote Button


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Hi folks, noob here, Win 10, w/ 2 questions, pls:

1) this is about using a predefined controller mapping as-is; let's say I've plugged in Flirc2, installed GUI, have a generic remote w/ media keys, and want to use the "Media Keys" mapping wholesale. I can select "Media Keys" from GUI/Controllers menu ... but then what? Is there a way  to "apply all keys" of that controller mapping without having to map each key to my generic remote? Do predefined controller maps "work out the box" only when the brand of remote matches the controller? (e.g. If I use a PS4 remote, which Flirc automatically recognizes as PS4 from some metadata sent by the remote's IR signal.)

2) this refers to the post title; let's say I have a keyboard with a non-standard key which does not appear in any controller; let's say I discover somehow that pressing that key generates keycode 1111; is there a way to map that keycode to a remote button?

Many thx!

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