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LG TV - inhibit TV function when the center "enter" button is pressed


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Hi all,

This isn't really a Flirc question, but I imagine Flirc users run into this a lot.  I have XBMC installed on Win7 PC w/ flirc.


On my LG TV remote, the "enter" button in the middle of the 4-direction key performs the enter function on XBMC.  It works like it should.  However, the enter key ALSO makes the TV display the current "program information" pop up menu.  Obviously, when the HDMI input is on the HTPC, there is no program information and anyways I don't want the program information menu to pop up.  Is there any way to inhibit this for the TV?  Every time I press enter during XBMC navigation, the "program information" menu on the TV also pops up and I have to press the exit button quick to clear that pop up.


The curious thing is this.  Before I set up my current HTPC, I was using a Raspberry Pi without a Flirc.  The raspberry pi has CEC, and TV forwards the enter key to the pi works the way I expect, with the bonus that the TV somehow knew to inhibited the "program information" popup.  And...I know this sounds weird, but I swear that the first day I had the HTPC set up, the enter key on the remote DIDN'T make the TV display the Program Info pop up.


I've dug through the TV menu and there's no option to disable the "program information" feature.  Do you guys have this problem?


My TV remote doesn't have any other device modes, so I can't simply use a dummy device mode just for the flirc so the TV ignores the arrow keys.  The enter key is the only key the TV has trouble with.  The TV ignores arrow keys when it's not in a menu screen.

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