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Hello, so between the fact that being an opensource developer is a thankless job that only hears from its users when something is wrong. That combined with i have received precious little help from other on-line communities. Its mostly i think because i write like a 3rd grader with a serious head wound. And here the 2 times i asked things i was given way more then i ever could have hoped for. It means more then i think most people with education and intelligence can ever know ;) Just wanted to give a heart felt thank you to everyone at flirc especially Jason. Its been months since i was last here but recent activity (or lack of) made it clear i should realy thank those who where willing to help. i just hope this post was somewhat understandable. Oh almost forgot i didnt ask for it but adding i2c support (amongst other things) to libopencm3 for samd21. Has been a huge help to me and deserves a thank you on its own. Thank you!

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