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HP Mediasmart mce remote question


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Hi all just ordered my flirc and expecting delivery soon. Just a few questions while i wait.


Ive got an HP mediasmart tv remote that can also be programmed for CBL, DVD, AVR and AUX. The standard tv profile must use the mce profile as it works my xbmc out of the box. Depending what you set the remote up for on the other profiles depends on whats buttons you get to use.


So can flirc work with mce signals ok or will i have to set it up in a different profile?


My remote is the HP Mediasmart TV RC2285202/01 P/N 5189-3683





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i'm not sure, that i get the point, but flirc will work with almost any signal you send to it.

Just map the buttons of your choice to the desired function and it will work.

If your remote is sending signals with IR6 protocol, then you have to map every button twice to get it smoothly working.


What exactly means, you get less buttons?

If you get "less buttons" in different profiles, maybe some buttons are disabled in that profile!?

As long as the button sends ir signals while it's been pressed, flirc will be able to map actions to it.

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That's great. How do I find out what type of signals my remote sends?

Yes some buttons are disabled in different profiles. Can you map a button to have different functions depending where you are in xbmc. As in home screen or while playing video?

Can you map a button press to send multiple keypresses?

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I'm new here and to the flirc as well.


Having read a bit about it, on a few different occasions, it seems that it should be able to map to that remote in the MediaSmart TV mode. I hope so, as I have the same one.


... What exactly means, you get less buttons?  ...


When certain devices are loaded into the remote's DVD, AVR, and AUX devices, many keys aren't normally valid, so they do nothing. For instance, if there is a Home Theater loaded into the AUX setup, the play and stop buttons, among numerous others do nothing. If one looks at the red CBL, DVD, AVR, and AUX device LEDs of Bone's remote during key presses, they will light when activating a valid keypress, or as Bone says, when you're getting a [working] button. 


I have another purpose for wanting to use this device, and that is so I can use 2 WMC computers in the same room, with the flircs setup as different receive devices. One is normally my media server, and the other is normally my PC, but sometimes I need to switch if something cable card encrypted and setup as play once gets recorded on my PC but not on my media server. This should allow my Harmony remote to be able to control both WMCs and everything else, and the couple of proprietary remotes I have will be able to control their own WMC systems.... I hope... It seems like it should work. 

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