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  1. Sorted. I did tick the sleep detection box but when I checked after it wasn't so I re enabled it and that fixed my problem.
  2. Mines sorted. I did tick the sleep detection box but when I checked after it wasn't so I re enabled it and that fixed my problem.
  3. I've redone the whole set up and the up, down and enter keys are intentional. Can you check my config to make sure sleep detection and noise filter is enabled please or tell me how to do it. Thanks Now off to test it :) my_flirc_config.fcfg
  4. Hi the double return was intentional as i have an ok and an enter key. The up and down wasn't. I'm sure I've got the sleep detection enabled as i have set a wake key. I'll edit all of this and try again. How do i get the config like you have posted it above? Thanks. Toby
  5. Yeah I set it up like that but still wakes by itself.
  6. At 7am this morning I unplugged the flirc and put it in suspend and it's still in suspend now.
  7. After leaving it in suspend last night with the flirc wrapped in tin foil it was awake when I got up this morning. I unplugged the flirc and put it in suspend before work today to see if it's still like that when I get home.
  8. Keyboard custom file. keyboard.xml
  9. Configuration my_flirc_config.fcfg
  10. It's a HP mediasmart tv remote which uses mce signals i think. I had to program each button twice to sort it from missing every other button press. What exactly do you need? I'm running the latest gui and firmware. The button configuration?
  11. Hi guys I'm having trouble with my flirc waking my pc (acer revo r3700, openelec 3.2.4) from suspend by itself. I have enabled sleep detection and assigned a wake button on my remote. This wakes it as it should. I left it in suspend last night before I went to bed an it was awake in the morning. Before I got in bed tonight I wrapped the flirc in tin foil and set my pc to suspend to see if it's still in suspend in the morning. Any Ideas?
  12. I've got this problem also with openelec and have set the above setting and mapped a wake button but it still wakes itself. I tested last night, set it to resume and when I checked in the morning it was awake. :(
  13. That's great. How do I find out what type of signals my remote sends? Yes some buttons are disabled in different profiles. Can you map a button to have different functions depending where you are in xbmc. As in home screen or while playing video? Can you map a button press to send multiple keypresses?
  14. Every button works in the fixed tv profile but if i put the mce code in a different profile i get less buttons. I really want it to work in the tv mode.
  15. Hi all just ordered my flirc and expecting delivery soon. Just a few questions while i wait. Ive got an HP mediasmart tv remote that can also be programmed for CBL, DVD, AVR and AUX. The standard tv profile must use the mce profile as it works my xbmc out of the box. Depending what you set the remote up for on the other profiles depends on whats buttons you get to use. So can flirc work with mce signals ok or will i have to set it up in a different profile? My remote is the HP Mediasmart TV RC2285202/01 P/N 5189-3683 http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&product=3369894&dlc=en&docname=c01445164#N1099 http://www.giftspub.com/HP%20MediaSmart%20TV%20remote%20setting%20manual.pdf
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