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Is it possible to control Netflix with FLIRC?


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Hey everyone,


I just ordered my FLIRC two days ago and am still waiting for it to arrive in my mail box.


Because I can't actually set up my FLIRC yet, I've just been reading various threads involving XBMC (which I plan on using with FLIRC) but very little on Netflix at all.


I have recently experimented with the NetfliXBMC addon for XBMC but found that it's not extremely reliable and doesn't really work as seamlessly as I'd like. I have read elsewhere that there was/is some Netflix addon for Windows Media Center, but I have not managed to actually get it installed as the installation keeps failing.


Anyways, what do you guys recommend as the best way to control Netflix with a remote?


I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit install running XBMC and Chrome as my Netflix viewer currently, because I need the MediaHint addon to remove geoblocking.



Brutick :)

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Devices to watch Netflix on, in order of personal preference


#1 -  Smart TV

#2 -  PS3 

#3 -  Roku, or Blu-ray player, or some kind of smart hub whether it be a Google TV box, Chromecast, Android Box or R Pi (These last two could utilize a Flirc)

#4 -  PC

#5 -  Xbox 360 ( I haven't ever seen a way to choose what episode, of a show, to watch without having to start an episode and then pause it and choose. Maybe I just missed it, but that would mean that the interface is very un-intuitive to me )


-- Now, with that said, the XBMC plugin may very well be your best option on the PC to use with a remote.  I dunno about the WMC plugin. It sounds cool, and it should be remote/keyboard friendly.

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The main problem with Netflix is that they have very little keyboard support. They expect everyone to use a mouse for navigating the UI, which is exactly what you don't want to do on a HTPC. I don't understand why they don't add proper keyboard support. But once they do that, you will be able to use FLIRC with Netflix.

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