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Plasma HDTV and the FLIRC - any issues


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So if you do any work or reading about how PLASMA HDTV can interfear (mess up) infrared you might find out that something called FLOOD happens.  Basically the IR receiver is blinded by the light from your Plasma tv.   has their been any discussion about how to make sure that does not happen? 



Via positioning, or via window tint maybe?


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Did not know the glasses themselves emit an IR signal, I'm guessing this is to communicate back with the TV to stay 'N Sync.   :lol:


As far as a tv interfering, every setup I've seen thus far, people tend to tuck their Flirc down into the entertainment center somehow, even if it is just plugged straight into the front USB port of the HTPC, and thus blocking the screen from direct LoS to the Flirc.

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I am seeing this behavior with my Samsung Plasma TV.  I have one of my FLIRC's connected to a PC with a text editor loaded and I see a streaming string of 'p' characters show up depending on the TV picture.  Not 100% sure, but it looks like the color Yellow on the TV triggers the event.

I'm wondering if they will work with my environment?


It seems that it has to do w/the Harmony 650 config for use w/Kodi on a PC.  I have a second FLIRC in the bedroom for an Android TV box (currently setup for use my Vizio remote) and it doesn't show the same behavior.

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