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RCA RCRP05BR remote - cheapest


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Just want to mention after some research am finding the RCRP05BR remote by RCA as the least expensive full function remote.  It is a learning remote and it can be used to with a cable to be programmed (forget those cables names, but they are a standard).


Can be found at all Walmarts for $15 or if you order via Amazon less than $10.


have not used it with my FLIRC but expect no issues.  Everything else is so much more expensive.


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was going to need to program every button of my RCA remote as I suggested above.  That is about 30 buttons.  would take me forever.  so now am thinking maybe the harmony is not a bad choice.  still priced at $40 to $80 used to new prices.


Am going about this wrong.  I just need to find a profile for my remote, that emulates all the buttons of XBMC.  Then program the FLIRC to accept all those buttons.  Anyone have a suggested profile for a generic remote, that has all the XBMC buttons, without being XBMC itself?  maybe I can find a satelitte reciever like DISH NETWORK or DIRECT TV and use an emulated remote for that on the RCA remote (since I do not have the satelite dish networks).  Will attempt that tonight.


Am doing this because I have an XBMC computer already next to my HDTV (it can do WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER, and flash capable browser apps too); but I want an OUYA as well as a backup XBMC machine. 

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