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Flirc does not recognize IR Blaster Signal


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I added a Flirc to my HTPC and it works well with my comcast remote.  I have the AUX button on my comcast remote set to code 00869 (discussed ), I paired buttons, adjusted the keyboard delay and repeat settings and it works fabuliously.  


Now, my components are behind a closed cabinet door, so an IR Blaster is required.  I have sucessfully used my IR blaster (this one) to drive all of my other components but the Flic does not respond to the IR blaster signals.  I even have attempted to reprogram my flirc with the IR blaster connected - but to no avail.   It seems the Flirc is just not seeing the signal.  I know the blaster end is working sucessfully as it works when using it on a different component.  Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice? 

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I would ask that you're actually pointing it at the right part of the Flirc, but the Flirc is so gosh darn sensitive that surely this can't be the issue. (Have you tested this?)


Also, that IR Blaster company says (this one) works better for some devices. So it may be that these two devices are incompatible.


The fact that it's an IR Repeater though suggests that it should be sending out the exact same signal it is getting from the remote. Then again, I'm no scientist, well no officially. 

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I've spent quite a bit of time moving the IR blaster around, even placing it some distance away I in the event the flirc was getting too much signal.   Has anyone had any luck with a specific IR Blaster?   If so I'll just buy that one.   I am assuming there is some sort of frequency not being passed through.

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I ma having the same problem with my Xantech IR Kit I have just purchased. All of my other devices are working perfectly, and my laptop running XBMCbuntu responds to my Harmony 700 via the Flirc device, but it just doesn't pickup anything from the IR Blaster. Appreciate any thoughts please folks.

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I've found a simple solution to all these repeater/extender problems with Flirc, so I thought I would post here. I also tried a bunch of different extenders because my media Mac is located behind a cabinet with one HDMI cable going to the TV. None of them worked reliably. Had to be a certain distance and point the remote dead center at the sensor- not practical. Tried learning with and without the extender. If the extender was out of the loop, Flirc worked great every time.


I found these IR over HDMI kits and they all work without any delay, from any angle, and from across the room. Very reliable.






This one can send to multiple emitters and includes a more convenient front facing IR sensor:




Hope this helps some folks.

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When I was VP of Engineering at Niles, we found that some IR Blasters send too much IR for certain IR receivers. Whence we put 'volume controls' on our outputs to the blaster. You may solve this by simply applying black electrical tape to the sensor (Flirc). The tape is not opaque to IR light. Moving them farther apart does not do the same thing. 

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