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So... any thoughts on XBOX ONE and its built-in IR Blaster?


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I don't see why it wouldn't be directly supported. As long as you don't accidentally move and send out a signal while trying to program the Flirc.


  But, I'm wondering, why would you still need XBMC on a HTPC once you have an Xbone?  Isn't that thing supposed to do, "TV" "TV" "TV", and the 360 did a decent job of seeing my network devices (even if it didn't support enough video file types).  Also, doesn't the xbone have HDMI passthrough with CEC support?  So that it could be controlled that way as well, I assume.


Just saying, you're trying to tie together two devices that are essentially meant to do the same thing.

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XBMC displays my content in a beautiful, highly customisable interface, whereas at best the XBONE will only show me a list, unless I buy content direct from Microsoft. A lot of content isn't available in my region when it airs in the States, so I get it through other means. HDMI passthrough will allow me to plug my XBMC media center into the XBONE and be able to use XBMC via the console (keeping the XBONE overlay over the top, for example), but that won't allow me to navigate the XBMC menu unless I use my flirc remote already plugged into the media center. But with IR Blaster it would be possible to send IR signals to flirc with hand gestures and voice control, in theory.


Hoping there are others that find that an exciting prospect :)

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It should give you metadata over a UPNP/DLNA network share. I used the PS3 more, so I know it would do this. But there is no reason to think the next generation of xbox would be worse at this. You could probably just invest in a decent NAS and put a Video Server program on it.  I tried Plex on my DS212j, and it got all the info fine, the processor was just way too slow to do any transcoding.


I'm standing by what I said about this just using one device to control another device, even though the control device could serve the same function.  I know XBMC is customizable and pretty, but why turn on an extra power hungry device?  Why isn't, "Xbox, open... movies. Play, Battleship." good enough? 


At this point, we still have no idea what UI will be like upon release, as well as how well network streaming will work.  It's all up in the air until November (enter date here).

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I just ordered a FLIRC so I could try this myself, using the Xbox One's voice controlled Kinect IR blaster to control XBMC running on an Ouya plugged into the HDMI passthrough. I'm going to be running my live TV through XBMC as well using Myth.tv, so this set-up does make sense, although I agree with the OP that XBMC is a superior interface to just accessing files through the xbox itself. 

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