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    Awesome! Fingers crossed then :)
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    Hi all, I'm just about to pick up a QNAP TS-251 NAS, which supports Kodi via its built-in HDMI interface, and I was wondering if my existing flirc dongle will work with it? Will be a shame to have to stop using it after so many happy years together! Thanks :)
  3. XBMC displays my content in a beautiful, highly customisable interface, whereas at best the XBONE will only show me a list, unless I buy content direct from Microsoft. A lot of content isn't available in my region when it airs in the States, so I get it through other means. HDMI passthrough will allow me to plug my XBMC media center into the XBONE and be able to use XBMC via the console (keeping the XBONE overlay over the top, for example), but that won't allow me to navigate the XBMC menu unless I use my flirc remote already plugged into the media center. But with IR Blaster it would be possible to send IR signals to flirc with hand gestures and voice control, in theory. Hoping there are others that find that an exciting prospect :)
  4. Will flirc support this so we could perhaps control XBMC via flirc using our voice, or hand gestures?
  5. Ah okay, we'll if sleep and wake doesn't work just yet, I'll keep my existing config and just leave the machine on all the time. I really hope you do get sleep wake added though, that is the only thing missing.
  6. I see, thanks :) So what keys does the beta profile support? Cheers
  7. One more question, as I have your attention? Using the flirc XBMC beta profile, am i supposed to run the flirc software and configure it to use XBMC, or can i configure it as a keyboard, or doesn't it matter? Really I'm just doing this so I can send the machine to sleep and wake like all my other devices.
  8. Hi there, Chris mentions in his how to post about the harmony beta profile how to set it up, but the harmony software requires you select a device type before being able to search for the device... Can anyone tell me what the device type is? Thanks
  9. The installer won't get as far as installing the software as it always fails on the driver installation.
  10. Not sure what you mean by that, tbh. Maybe someone could zip up their install directory and post it for me? I'd appreciate it!
  11. oops, double post sorry!
  12. I have managed to get the drivers installed, but I still can't install the software itself to configure flirc. Is the software itself available without the driver install? thanks
  13. Shutting down/suspending isn't the problem now, it's waking up again afterwards :)
  14. Please disregard this topic now, I've created a new one for the new problem. Thanks
  15. I've got the sleep shortcut working now, so I've assigned it to the red button on the remote, but the machine won't wake with the same button. I know my machine can do it, as I've been doing it with my mce remote before now :(
  16. I chose the shutdown xbmc option in the flirc setup, which I guess makes total sense why it's closing it instead of suspending, lol! I've tried setting up a shortcut to sleep the machine but for some reason the keyboard shortcut I've set it up to use won't work, so I can't even program flirc to use it. I've also not been able to figure out a way of getting my remote to use the "All Off" button to suspend my XBMC pc... not sure if that's possible?
  17. Hi everyone, Got my flirc today and everything is setup fine and working, except for shutting down the xbmc pc. I have the flirc setup as a windows media centre device in the harmony config page and when using the All Off button, or the shutdown button I assigned, xbmc closes rather than shutting the pc down. Any ideas? Thanks
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