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Flirc unresponsive with Vimeo couch mode


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Am noticing strange behaviour for the firs time. Flirc works very well system wide for me on the mac. However, when I use it with vimeo's couch mode http://www.vimeo.com/couchmode, there is a considerable lag and almost unusable. If I use the keyboard, it works fine. Strange.


Have tried this with safari, chrome and firefox all with the same result

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Sorry for my late reply but I thought i'd give it a go too.


I get exactly the same thing (using beta firmware 1.1). Although if you bring up the control display before pressing flirc stuff then it responds better but is still really unusable.


I also tried getting a USB keyboard and attaching it to my mac - that behaved fine.


It's really strange that Flirc is the only one acting weird.


I'll move this thread to bugs forum so Jason can have a look at it at some point. I'm perplexed 

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Not as yet - I think he's working on getting the current Release candidates out - there was a rare bug that he couldn't replicate so it's taking a lot longer than anticipated.


Don't worry though, i've added it to the bug tracker (not available to view publically at the moment unforunately)

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