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  1. Fyi to anyone on a mac. This setup and flirc is working as expected with 10.10 Yosemite DP5.
  2. Do the Harmony remotes need to be programmed differently to any standard remote with Flirc ?
  3. I am 'dying' to use Vimeo :) Any new firmwares worth a shot ?
  4. Hey, did Jason get a chance to look at this.
  5. Thanks Chris. As a comparison, i also use youtube.com/tv which is youtube's couch mode. Flirc works fine with that.
  6. Am noticing strange behaviour for the firs time. Flirc works very well system wide for me on the mac. However, when I use it with vimeo's couch mode http://www.vimeo.com/couchmode, there is a considerable lag and almost unusable. If I use the keyboard, it works fine. Strange. Have tried this with safari, chrome and firefox all with the same result
  7. A suggestion for anyone on the macos platform is to use better touch tool. I am going to redo the inter app flirc keys using it.
  8. Ok, updated a much more thorough video.
  9. Thanks mate, one of the cool tricks is to use a key on the remote to perform heterogenous tasks (eg. the one on the remote which is titled 'Press if no response'). I am still experimenting with this and I haven't included it in this configuration but the idea is that: i) The amp receives this signal and ensures that the remote is set to receiver mode, and ii) the mac receives the same signal and ensures that 'nothing is in the way of executing flirc shortcuts'. It can have useful applications such as, pressing an input source on the remote that de-slects mac as the source on the amp and at the same time triggers a script on the mac to turn off media center apps.
  10. Ok, I am at first base with this. This is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJHG2K8NQas These are the scripts including the keyboard.xml https://www.dropbox....Z/XBMCEyeTV.zip Features that I have added to the remote are: 1. Screenshots (automatically upload to photo stream) 2. Blacklight 3. Growl notifications toggle (incomplete) and a few more custom app controls as you can see... PS: I dont mean to post such a large image but I cant seem to resize it here.
  11. I would prefer to set two keys. Key 1 = Quit current app and Key 2= Swap between XBMC and Eyetv. I dont want the user to have to press two keys to switch. Maybe i ca define a system macro that performs two functions (eg. Cmd Q + Ctrl X) and assign it a keyboard shortcut. The advantage of applescript is that it can determine which app is running and open the other. I also want to try to implement Spaces and implement the cube effect to switch. Happy to do a guide once I get this working like I want to. I'll need your help through this experimental process :) Thanks.
  12. Thanks mate, I'll check it out. I have fiddled around with xbmc keymap before. Like you said, I think its a matter of maximising compatibility of the remote keys between the two apps. I am surprised no one has done it before. That way they could just post the cfg file. Anyway I 'll give this a shot. I think I'll start with the full keyboard and work my way through it. I imagine that changing between the apps will require an applescript to quit xbmc and open eyetv and vice versa. This would need to be saved as an app with a keyboard shortcut. Is there another way of doing this with flirc. eg. Can one flirc key be used to issue 3 sequential commands. On second thought, can you activatel another app via a keyboard shortcut whilst in one app, must be able to.
  13. Ok guys, thanks received the usb receiver. I have set it up using the minimalist setting, just confirming that the receiver works with the remote. I think my requested setup is reasonably common. I want to be able to: Use XBMC and Eyetv extended menus. Be able switch between them. Be able to spare a key somewhere to set it up to for example a screen shot (shift command 3) or something.. Should I reconfigure this as a full keyboard to start with. Thanks for your help!
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