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flirc_util record printscreen


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This command does not work because the proper command is. 

flirc_util record print_screen

The help page for record however states the proper term is printscreen. 

[kodi@kodi-bedroom ~]$ flirc_util help record
Help for `record' command:
 record '<keyboard key>'
 flirc record a    
 flirc record space
valid commands:
 a-z <any single letter>
 return, enter, escape, backspace, delete, tab,  
 space, F[1-12], printscreen, scroll, pause, insert,  
 home, pageup, pagedown, end, right, left, down, up,  
Media Keys:  
 wake, eject, vol_up, vol_down, mute, play/pause, stop  
 rewind, fast_forward, next_track, prev_track  
System Keys:  
 toggle [enbables/disables] flirc


This is the version information, running on Manjaro via the flirc-bin git on arch AUR. Which I believe is just a repackage of the Debian/Ubuntu files. 

Version: flirc_util.release.v3.25.3
FW Version: v4.9.3
  SKU:     Flirc 2.0 [dori]


Should be easy to fix. Either change the help text (also is wrong on the error page if you use the printscreen keyword) or have your case statement handle both terms. Not sure what it says in the manual, it may need to be changed in there as well. 

Hope this helps. 


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