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GUI 3.25.4 Installer Version?


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I have just downloaded and installed Flirc-Setup-3.25.4.exe from your website.

  1.  I had to use Edge to get it at all, because the flirc.tv website doesn't work properly in Firefox.
  2. When I chose "open" at the end of installation (under Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Flirc GUI immediately prompted me to Update my device firmware (which I did) *and* update the GUI software from 3.25.3 to 3.25.4.

The installer identifies itself as 3.25.4 but the executable file (c:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc\flirc.exe) contains no version information.

What gives?




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Having gotten fed up with being asked to update FLIRC GUI every time I used it, I clicked "Install update" in the above -illustreated dialog.  After allowing the update to install, I am still getting the same prompt every time I start the FLIRC GUI.  Looking at "Help¨- About" reveals the reason: the SW installed by the 3.25.4 installation package identifies itself as 3.25.3!


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