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Clone config from old FLIRC to new FLIRC using 3.20.4?


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I've been using a Flirc to control my Kodi/RPi setup for about 3 years.  It works great.  Once I set it up, I've not had any difficulties at all.  I used v3.20.4 of the GUI to set it up.

I now have a second Kodi/RPi setup and I want to set up another Flirc dongle with exactly the same configuration.  To do so, I plan to buy a new Flirc from the store here.  When I receive it, I will start the Flirc 3.20.4, plug in the new dongle, and load the saved working configuration from the old dongle.  Is that going to work?

I ask because I'm running an old version of the GUI and I'm also likely running an old version of the dongle itself.  If I need to upgrade software, hardware or do anything else to accomplish my task, please advise.

Edited to add:  I fired up 3.20.4 on my Windows 7 PC and connected my Flirc.  I observed that it was running firmware version 4.4.2.  I don't know and can't figure out what firmware version ships with a new Flirc dongle.  Not sure if that helps, but I guess it means my question translates to this:  "Can a configuration running under firmware version 4.4.2 be loaded into a new Flirc dongle using GUI software version 3.20.4?

I realize I could start from scratch and configure a new dongle, but that seems like a lot of extra work.

Thanks very much for any help.

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Well, I just received new Flirc USB dongle and can now answer my own questions.

First, the old version of the software (3.20.4) I had installed on Windows 7 could not "see" the new dongle.  Moreover, Windows 7 tried to find a driver for the new dongle when I inserted it.  I knew that could not be right from what I've read here.  It suggested that I needed to install the most current version (3.25.4) of the GUI.  

I installed 3.25.4 on Windows 7, started the GUI, and inserted the new dongle.  The GUI continued to indicate that it was "not connected", but after a couple seconds, it alerted me that there was a new version of the firmware available.  Thinking I had nothing to lose, I elected to install it.  Installation was quick and painless.

When the firmware upgrade was complete, the GUI indicated it was connected to the new dongle.  So, I elected to load the working configuration file I had saved from the old dongle using 3.20.4.  When I did that, the GUI indicated "data restored" (or something like that).  I saved the resulting configuration.

I just tested the new dongle and it works exactly like the old one.  Just what I was hoping for.

So the answers to my questions are 1) old versions of the GUI do not appear compatible with new versions of the dongle, but 2) configuration files from an old version of the GUI are recognized by the new version of the GUI and can be loaded into a new dongle with upgraded firmware.  My experiment was pretty simple, and there could be situations in which an old configuration file is not compatible with the new GUI.  To the extent that's true, I was lucky.

I'm posting this in case it might be helpful to others.


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