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Flirc (Wake button) gets fooled by Toshiba TV


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I have 3 systems, each with a USB Flirc from several years ago.  On one system there is a Toshiba TV, a MythTV client (with a Flirc), and a few other devices all controlled by a Harmony 650 remote.  The 650 will wake up my Flirc / MythTV box just like it's supposed to but I was finding that turning on one of the other devices would also wake my Flirc / MythTV box.  After some trial and error testing and diagnostics I found that the powering on of the Toshiba TV (which is used by all of the other devices) would not only power up the selected device but also the Flirc / MythTV box.  So I dragged out the original Toshiba remote and discovered that it too will power up not only the TV but will wake the Flirc / MythTV box as well.  This doesn't happen with my other systems.  I have deleted and reprogrammed the wake button with no improvement.  All my Flircs are v3.25.3 running the 3.11.0 firmware.  Any idea how to resolve this?

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