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Flirc not working with my new TV remote


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I have been using Flirc 2nd with my LG tv and my cable tv provider that uses an bluetooth comand without any problem.

But, I sold my LG tv and bought a Samsung Crystal TU7105, and now flirc is not working anymore.  I can still control my tvbox with an bluetooth keyboard. And I did remaped all keys on Flirc for the new Samsung remote and Flirc app detect all keys on the remote when I recorded them. But when I try to use the Flirc usb with my tv cable box, it does not work.

Only the channel up and down is working with this new remote, and I need all the numbers to work as well, because I use them with Alex to change the channels on my tv cable box.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Thank you.


EDITED:  I just tried with another LG remote that I have, and the same thing is happening. All the numbers are not working anymore, only the channel up and down works. So, it is not a remote control related.  Could it be a firmware problem? I installed the latest firmware before trying to configure Flirc to the new remote.


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