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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some help in understanding the information in the attached device log. The aim is to transmit the codes using flirc_util as part of some software I'm writing but I'm struggling a little, partly because if I'm honest I don't fully understand what I'm reading and partly because each time I press the button/s I get slightly different results.

If anyone wouldn't mind helping out with any of the below questions it would be very much appreciated:

What do the various numbers after :e: relate too? I notice that the first one always varies (so I've ruled out it being some kind of header?) but after that I'm consistently getting :e:69.
I'm concerned that the patterns vary a little. Does this relate to signal quality? Short of performing extensive testing is there a way of knowing which one I've captured would be the best one to send?
Following on from this a little, should I be sending all of the patterns that are captured for each press or is this not required?
If I have to send multiple patterns is best practice to run flirc_util for each pattern or is there a better way?
Does anyone have any hints about what --ik should be set to?

I know there are quite a few questions there but any help with any of them would be great. Alternatively if there's some kind of guide that relates to what I'm trying to do that I've missed feel free to point that out instead.



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