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Flirc + PC software to replace Logitech Harmony?


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I want to know if I can connect the Flirc to my PC (Windoz or RPi) and then blast IR signals to control various devices such as TV, AVS, etc.

Pointer to the user manual?

If it can, there are related questions:

How reliable is the blasting? e.g. distance, comparability (wavelength) with many commercial boxes,  stable/reliable transmission

Is there a GUI app that can run under windos to emulate a remote keypad?

Can I control the Flirc via a scripting language or a compiled language (e.g. C program)?

(if so, pointers to examples would be helpful)

Is there a repository of code signals for various devices such as Samsung TV, FIOS STB, etc. that I can download and use with either an app or scripting language?

Trying to dig this info out from the Flirc website is extremely painful





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