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Sending Amplifier volume commands


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I'm trying to use sendir to send volume up and volume down commands to my AMP. 

The commands are RC-5 16 and 17 with system code 16. How can I convert these codes into a pattern that sendir understands?

Is there are way to record the commands from the existing remote and just play them back on linux?


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I’m working a project to do this with a remote that doesn’t support the target device.  If you’re looking to do this without a remote or in a way that doesn’t need the flirc for input, only output, you could still use my setup instructions to get the ir sequences you need to use with sendir.

  I’ve geared this towards using a Raspberry Pi,  but it’ll work on any Linux system.  I haven’t written  instructions for general linux systems, but if you add a user named “pi”, or modify the setup script, it should work on any Debian/ubuntu system.

Be aware there’s a performance issue that i haven’t figured out how to solve, there’s a delay of a little less than 1s when using sendir and it sending the ir sequence.  It makes using this for volume control pretty laggy.

Here's my project: https://github.com/andrewfraley/flirc_repeater

Here are some sendir instructions I wrote recently: 


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