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"transfer error" during manual programming


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So I seem to have found all the Flirc USB gen1 units I had thought I had lost.  I now have three gen1 and one gen2 units.

I was setting them up for various uses and may have a gen1 that has gone bad?  I'm using GUI v3.25.3 and was able to connect and update the firmware to v3.11, but any key I try to program in any of the templates triggers a "transfer error" message in the message window in the middle-bottom of the GUI as soon as I press the remote button.  I tried a couple different remotes.  Also the happy-face "connected" momentarily changes to sad-face "disconnected" when the transfer error appears. 

I had no problem upgrading the f/w and programming one of the other gen1 units.

I'm also running this on Linux Mint as my home is now Windoze-less - woohoo!   Installation was easy, thanks for the helpful instructions.  I do have to run Flirc with sudo to get it to work, so perhaps I have some permissions to figure out, but that's a minor detail.

Any thoughts on my gen1 unit?  Is it toast or are there diagnostics I can try?



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