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Lost my flirc


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I've been happily using my flirc for many months, but I went to use it recently and it wasn't working. After much cursing and tapping of the remote control, I realized that the flirc dongle was missing.  I had it attached it to the front usb port of my HTPC and I can only assume that the kids (aged 2 and 4) opened my tv cabinet and thought this looked like a fun thing to play with.  Despite looking high and low, I haven't been able to find it.  So anyway, my question is whether anybody knows of a way to lock the flirc to the usb port.  I have just put an order in for a replacement flirc and I don't want this one to go missing either.  


I originally had it attached to the back of the HTPC but the flirc wasn't always picking up the remote control signal which was fixed by moving it to the front.  Short of any other ideas, the only solution of sorts I could think of was connect to the rear usb ports with a usb cable and discretely and securely tape it down near the front.  


Any other more elegant solutions would be greatly appreciated.  



By the way, this is a fantastic little gadget and well done to Jason for coming up with the idea and bringing it into fruition (can't wait to try the latest beta too - the kids lost it before I got a chance).

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In my setup (less to keep things away from my daughter, and more to keep things out of sight), I am using a combination of a USB extension cable and a Logitech IR extender.  Unfortunately, I don't know if this is applicable to your situation, but I hope maybe it can steer you in a good direction.

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