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Use Flirc Usb to wake and suspend Kodi on a pc with Harmony Hub and Alexa


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So it took me forever to figure out how to wake and suspend Kodi using Flirc Usb and Logitech Harmony Hub and Alexa.  These are not step by step instructions but you can google how to do it.

1.  In Kodi, install the keymapper addon and use it to map the f12 or any key you would like to hibernate or suspend Kodi.  Once setup, when you hit the f12 key while in Kodi your pc should suspend.

2.  Install a new device in harmony hub app using manufacturer Flirc, Model Kodi.  Once created, Edit the device, select power settings, and select turn off when not in use, use a single button to power on and off, and select the power off button as the button that will turn it on and off.

3.  Once the device is created in the harmony hub app, Open the device and you will see a power button. Leave this open  

4.  Open the flirc GUI, select full keyboard as remote and select the f12 key in the flirc software to program it, it will turn green. When it asks to press a button on the remote, press the power button you just created In the harmony app that you left open above.  This will send an ir signal from the harmony hub that will program the flirc usb  

5.  Now when in Kodi, if you hit the f12 button it will suspend.  When you hit the power button in the Flirc device it will also make Kodi suspend.  In addition, if you go into device manager and go to the properties tab of the flirc usb  (listed as hid keyboard) And click power Management.  Make sure That only  “allow this device to wake the computer” is checked. If this is Setup properly and your motherboard allows wake from suspend, when you press the power button it will also wake your hibernated pc!  If you have two hid keyboards, remove the flirc usb and the one you want will disappear.  If you have a keyboard also attached, and it wakes your computer when you press a key, you can deactivate this same way by entering power management for your keyboard and uncheck “allow this device to wake computer”.

6.  Now once this is all working you can create an activity in the harmony approach turn on pc.

7.  Once the harmony activity is working in the harmony app, if you add the alexa skill harmony By Logitech and link your harmony account to Alexa, it will create a scene in Alexa.  When you say turn on PC, or whatever you named the device in Harmony, it will wake your pc.when you say Alexa turn off pc it will suspend.  

hope this helps!




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Dauthus you are a bloody legend! I spent two days Googling and trying solutions that sort-of almost worked with no real eureka moment until I came across your succinct solution. We will be singing campfire songs about your genius every time we successfully turn our HTPC on/off for years to come!

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