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Why is there a key limit?


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I have all the keys I absolutely NEED. But in order to type stuff when searching in Netflix or something I have to use the bluetooth keypad and OMG does it have a bad connection! It has to have a clear LoS to the receiver and you cant cover the back with your hand.

So, what I'm wondering is why am I limited from programming the entire keyboard from my remote into the Flirc?

Is there not enough physical memory? Or was it just not something that was foreseen to ever be an issue?


There's my TV remote. Full keyboard and even has game buttons! Being able to use it as a backup controller for Inde games on Steam would be great too!

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160 I think Flirc.TV/faq


Made it a URL, but I'm pretty sure I'm not where near that 160 limit.  Does key combinations take a key each?  IE: Win+1  = 2 keys?


Anyway, I've got:

Win+1 = 2 (assuming)





Vol UP

Vol Down

OK = Enter

Info = I

Exit = Escape

Back = Backspace

channel UP = Page up

Channel down = page down

rewind = rewind in XBMC remote

Fast forward




Yellow = C


That's only 20, that should easily leave enough room for 26 characters + 10 numbers.  No need for shift, searching isn't ever case sensitive.  Yet, when I try to do this I run out of room.  I'll try again this evening.

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I have this same remote and also can not get it to work. If I try to program 80 keys, it works just fine, but when I add the last 4 (total of 84) the Flirc simply stops working and NONE of the buttons on the remote return a value. I have version 1.2.4 and the latest firmware. 


Suspected that there may be a problem with the "erase" command and started fresh. This time only programming 76 buttons on the remote and saving after each group of buttons. All seems to be working, even the previous keys that gave me the "button already exists" error. I can manage with the 76 keys, I will try the last 6 or so later on and save after each time and see what happens. Maybe the act of erasing and adding adds to the memory? 

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