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Double Button Presses Required to Get a Single Command


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I have been trying to get my FLIRC working with an MCE remote to interface to an older (non-MCE) app and have found the following.

I go into the GUI, clear the configuration and uncheck all of the Build in Profiles (Side note: After exiting and restarting the GUI I sometimes find some or all of the Built in Profiles are now checked.  Multiple retries will finally get them all unchecked). I then confirm using Notepad that none of the numeric keys on the remote are sending any commands.  I return to the GUI and using the Full Keyboard controller, I map the "a" key to the "1" button, "b" key to the "2" button ...... "j" key to the "0" button.  I return to Notepad to confirm operation and find I must press a numeric button twice to get a single letter.

I simply want to send an "a" each time I press the "1" button and so on.  How do I get that to work?



Windows 10 Home Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.836)

FLIRC GUI Version 3.25.3

Firmware v4.9.3



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